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Moovee’s geolocation system has been installed in more than 400,000 vehicles.

Moovee Fleet offers a solution created in 2001 by four industry experts with more than 120 years of experience in systems design, telemetry, embedded computing, telecom and mega databases. To date, they are still part of the company.

Since then, this solution has experienced exceptional growth: over 10,000 Fleet customers in Europe and the United States. A Moovee Fleet geolocation tag is currently installed every 80 seconds.

Each vehicle is equipped with our easy-to-install vehicle geolocation system. With GPS tracking to the nearest second and the power of the Moovee system, the movements of each vehicle are recorded.
The vehicles in your fleet are tracked by GPS for an accurate analysis. A logbook includes data of their movements, speeds and stops.
Moovee analyzes the collected data and generating easy-to-use reports. Discover your best drivers, analyze their mileage, fuel costs, and reduce administrative tasks.
True analysis tool, Moovee helps you optimize your journeys, improve the driving style of your team, reduce your costs and avoid tedious tasks. Try our demo to see for yourself the simplicity of the Moovee system.

Our digital solution

Our telematics solution allows you to monitor your fleet vehicles at the closest, optimize it in terms of use, and control the costs perfectly: All this available through a digital performance and intuitive platform.

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  • Real time tracking
  • Road logs
  • Eco-driving and driving style analysis
  • Geofencing
  • Detailed reports
  • Detailed reports

Many advantages

Economical, efficient, affordable ... Be Moovee Fleet.

Minimize fuel consuption
save up to 25% on fuel usage
Increased productivity
Higher your overall productivity by up to 15%
Minimize overtime
Reduce overtime by up to 15%
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Increase utilization
Extra vehicle utilization of your fleet by 20%
Minimize distances
Reduce distances traveled by 10%
Minimize engine running stop
Reduce engin running stop by 30%

Telematics by Moovee

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liters of fuel
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Simple, economical, ecological! In short, an indispensable!

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